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New Toy! My very initial review of a brand new tripod company

I just posted this (initial) review of a brand new tripod to a Facebook group of about 2500 architectural photographers. How long have I owned this tripod? About 2 hours. Okay, here’s the verbatim review that I spewed out moments ago.

I just received a tripod that I backed on Kickstarter, and wanted to share my excitement with people who might be interested (my wife nearly fell asleep during the unboxing). And since I'm so terribly excited about a new toy, I'll mention that I'm not being paid to pimp this thing (nor does the company know I'm volunteering myself as their company evangelist). I just want them to succeed because the other product of theirs that I own, the Breakthrough ND X4 filter, is a wonder to behold.

Part of the reason I'm excited about the new tripod is because it is a local company. Part of the reason is because I'm one of the first people to get the new tripod so I feel like one of those exclusive reviewers you read about in YouTube Weekly. And the other part is because it's actually very well made.

Here's their Kickstarter page:

Their main product is a ball head which means absolutely nothing to me because I already have a ball head for travel and a geared head for work. But if you scroll waaaay down, they've also designed a carbon fiber tripod. They claim it's more rigid and stable than a $700 Gitzo. I take that claim with a grain of salt because I don't have any real world experience with high end carbon fiber tripods. But I do know for a fact that its worlds apart from my Manfrotto 055 in build quality.

Before I get too fanboy about it, I'll just state my initial pros/cons.

Pros: tight tolerances, build quality, light weight, collapsible to 20 1/2".

Con (only 1 right now): wish it could go higher. This one, their only model so far, extends to 62 inches. If they end up making another model that goes another foot, that'll be my go-to tripod for everything.


So what does this all mean to the average visitor to my website? It means photographers love new things that make our lives easier. If this tripod lives up to my initial assessment, it means my back will ache less from carrying a tripod that weighs 3 1/2 lbs vs 5 1/2. It means more stable shots, which is a life saver during long twilight exposures. It means being able to fit a high quality tripod in my carry-on luggage. But maybe most importantly, it means having a physical symbol of how far I’ve come as a photographer since I first started my business. Or maybe more accurately, it’s a present to myself for sticking with something and learning as much as I can about it so I can discover just how far it’ll take me.